Rules and Regulations for Students


  1. Students must be reporting in school ten minutes before the assembly bell. Late comers will be sent back without any intimation.
  2. The school uniform must be worn on all school days and at all school functions. Students, not in proper uniform will not be allowed in the class. Students are expected to be clean and tidy.
  3. No student is allowed to wear jewellery to the school. Exchange of money or other transactions are not allowed among the students.
  4. Students are responsible for their own belongings. The school will not assume any responsibility for the loss of such belongings.
  5. Only English should be spoken in the school premises to acquire greater understanding in the study of the language and enjoy great confidence of leadership.
  6. Politeness and courtesy both in speech and conduct are expected from the pupil. Every pupil is urged to contribute to the high moral and spiritual standard set by the school for his/her conduct. They are answerable to the school authorities for their conduct and misdemeanour even outside the school.
  7. Parents who seek information or who wish to make some complaint should do so to the principal and not to the class teacher. The principal will be available for the purpose from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm every day.
  8. Parents and guardians are requested not to meet their children or approach the teacher during class hours, without prior permission from the principal.
  9. Reports which are sent to the parents from time to time should be duly signed and taken note of. Parents should see that the children make a special effort to study the subject in which they are weak.
  10. Mobile and any other electronic things are not allowed in the school.
  11. The school reserves the right to dismiss a pupil on grounds of irregular attendance, disobedience to teachers and any kind of malpractice or misbehaviour, misdemeanour or bullying.
  12. In case of long leave on grounds of illness, a medical certificate has to be produced only after intimating in writing to the principal.
  13. Students must be present in the school on the opening day and also on the last day before the annual holidays begin. Absentees after long holidays are liable to seek re-admission only after prior permission from principal.
  14. Pupils who are absent during examination, without genuine reasons, satisfactory and convincing to the principal will be considered as failed.
  15. Transfer certificate will be issued only to those who have fully settled, cleared all their dues and documents required at the time of admission/leaving.
  16. Parents are supposed to reply communications regarding their wards so that this inter-personal effort can result into best grooming ensured.

Co-Curricular Activities

  1. Students are expected to take part in games, sports and other school activities in pure team spirit and in a spirit of sportsmanship.
  2. Students must learn to work and play together. The team spirit is necessary and healthy in all spheres of the school life. Students should remember that their behaviour on field is as important as their behaviour elsewhere.
  3. Participation in inter-house activities and school functions is obligatory. Failure to comply with this, is punishable as deemed fit by the principal. Participation in any of school cultural, extracurricular activities cannot be denied by any student if found suitable.

Library Rules

  1. Strict silence should be observed in the library.
  2. Only one book at a time will be issued with the permission of the librarian. It may be kept for seven days only. Fine of Re1/- per day will be charged thereafter.
  3. Students are expected to take great care of library books. All books must be covered while in use. If a book is lost or damaged. The student in whose name it was issued will have to make good the loss of damage.
  4. Tearing of pages and pictures from books and magazines is a bad habit and must be avoided. The attention of the librarian should be drawn to any damage noticed in book or magazine.
  5. Books or magazines after reading must be returned to the place from where they were taken.
  6. All books must be returned before the examinations.