Test will be held for all classes as per schedule.

  1. Appearance in tests and examinations is compulsory. If the child is absent, he/she will be given zero. Promotion to the next higher class will be made on the basis of cumulative assessment tests, examination and day to day class work. Medical certificate is not a guarantee for promotion and must be submitted from the doctors of the district hospital only. However, it does not amount to serve as alibi to escape examination.
  2. Candidates will be disqualified from the whole examination and will not be allowed to appear for other tests/remaining tests/examination papers after being caught cheating or if detected giving or obtaining or attempting to give or obtain unfair assistance or have in their possession any unwanted cheating material related to examination tests.
  3. A minimum attendance of 75% of the working days of the school is necessary for appearing in the tests/examinations and for promotions.
  4. A student who makes any alteration in the marks entered in the report card or in the answer script will be made to leave the school. (major misconduct)
  5. Absence/leave during tests/exams/assessment period will not be allowed. However absence from examination/Tests on medical grounds only once during the session may be considered by the Principal. Absence on medical ground and grace marks can not be awarded at the same time in the on going session. Only either of the two may be considered.
  6. Indiscipline candidate will not be allowed any re-examination or tests.

Test/Examination and Pass Criterion

The academic session of the school is divided into three terms. Besides these examinations all the classes will have weekly tests every Monday. The dates of the tests are intimated to the parents and students. Any preponement/postponement of any test/examination or a special test on any ground is not possible. Each test carries weightage and is accounted for in declaring the child pass/fail (Promotion to next class) at the end of the session. In order to declare a candidate pass in a class, the child must secure at least 33 percent marks in each subject and in aggregate of all the three exams. The answer scripts of the final term are not shown to the parents under any circumstances. However, the scrutiny of marks, which will be done by a teacher other than the evaluator of any paper, is allowed, against payment of a special fee of Rs 100/- per subject. The failures are normally not granted re-admission.


  1. The promotion of the students will be based on cumulative, continuous and comprehensive assessment in test, examination and work done throughout the year.
  2. Students of class nursery to class V must pass in all subjects with 33% marks in each subject and with an aggregate of 33%.
  3. Students of class VI to class VIII must pass in all subjects with 40% marks in each subject and with an aggregate of 33%.
  4. Students of class IX and class X must pass in all subjects separately with 40% marks in each subject and with an aggregate of 33%.
  5. For all classes, the pass marks in each subject is 33%.
  6. Promotion refused on merit performance in any case will not be reconsidered. Parents/guardians are requested not to approach the staff and the principal in this connection.
  7. All cases of doubt regarding promotion are left entirely to the discretion of the principal. Any decision shall be final and binding to all and no representation interview in this connection will be entertained.
  8. The school does not undertake the responsibility to retain answer script for more than two months or sixty days after the examination.
  9. Students failing for two successive academic examinations will have to leave the school and will not be allowed to repeat for the third time.


The grades will stand for the following distribution of marks:

A* Excellent 90% - 100%
A Very Good 75% - 89%
B Good 56% - 74%
C Satisfactory 35% - 55%
D Scope for improvement below 35%

• Grading System For IX and X: To be followed CBSE Latest CCE Grading System (Session 2009-10 onwards)

Prize and Awards

To inculcate a spirit of healthy competition among children, a number of inter-house competitions are held from time to time. The winners of such competitions are awarded prizes at the time of prize distribution of the school. The students who bring laurels to the school by winning some inter school competitions are duly recognised at the prize distribution function. The academic prizes are also given away.

Schemes of Studies

The learning area will include:
Two languages (CORE) out of Notes:

i. Out of the languages, one shall be English or Hindi; both can be offered simultaneously.
ii. English can be offered at any of the three levels given below; and is compulsory. Three elective out of the following:
1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Computer Science
2. Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship

Internal Assessment

1. General Studies
2. Work Experience
3. Physical and Health Education

Science Stream

English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology, Hindi/Computer Science/Biotechnology

Commerce Stream

English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Hindi/Computer Science/Entrepreneurship/Maths

Extension of the Scheme at Primary Stage

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is a useful proposition for improvement of student's achievement through continuous diagnosis, remediation, encouragement and appreciation. It requires coordinated and concerted efforts on the part of principal, teachers and parents for the multi faceted personality development of the child. In this connection the board decided to extend this scheme at primary level and advised the school to desist from the pass-fail system based on terminal examination.