The school strictly follows the curriculum and syllabus prescribed by CBSE, New Delhi and we have designed our courses with the following objectives:

  • To crystallise the fundamentals of the students
  • To sharpen the analytical skills of the students
  • To channelise their efforts so that they work at high speed with accuracy in tests
  • Teaching Methods and Co-Curricular Activities

The school follows a landmark pattern in dealing with the children. They are taught in a way that inculcates deep interest and attention towards the education. Playway method in primary, learning by doing, audio-visual teaching aids and methodology.

LCD Projector

Teaching through computers and by LCD projector has enabled the students to comprehend the content better and enhanced better retaining capacity. The teachers remain fully attentive to the individual difference and cater to their specific needs affectionately. Physical punishments are avoided as far as possible. For the development of all round and wholesome personality of the children, activities like Physical Training, Music, Elocution, Dramatics, Needle work, Drawing and painting have been incorporated in the school activities.

Science Laboratories

The school maintains well equipped spacious science laboratories for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and one computer laboratory, constructed on modern lines to cater to the requirements up to Senior Secondary level. Keeping with the demand, the school has now developed a Computer Science, Biotechnology and Maths Lab which are prescribed by the CBSE Board.

Maths Laboratory

As CBSE has introduced concept of Maths laboratory and internal assessment in class IX from the preceding year; school has come up with setting up of Maths laboratory with exclusive teaching aid and activities to help in the improvement in teaching/learning process as well as academic attainment of the learners in the subject.

Computer Lab

In this age of communication revolution, the study of Computer Science has become very important for the students while general knowledge of computer is given to the students as a work experience subject. Computer Science can be offered as our additional subject. The school has a computer lab where the students can learn everything by experiments.

Biotechnology Lab

Biology is the science of origin and development of life. The mechanism and industrial part of this science is learnt through Biotechnology. The school has got its lab with costly and modern apparatus to learn the subject with interest.

Beyond Curriculum

The school pays due importance to extracurricular activities for all round development of the child. It has a very qualified and experienced Music and Dance teacher to guide the students in the various competitions at the school and district level.

Art, craft and yoga classes are also run under the supervision and guidance of experts.
Picnic to important places of recreation for small children and educational excursion to famous historical places and factories are arranged during vocations.

We are proud to have Biotechnology and Computer Science/Physical Education as additional subjects in our school. We propose to have Fashion Designing in near future.


There is a beautiful green lawn with design of rising sun symbolising Solar Energy and chlorophyll so important for our life. Children play badminton, football, hockey, chess, etc. annual sports are held every year to encourage healthy competition.