The school bus service can be provided to students on application and the payment of fees will be made in two easy instalments. If any one wishes to discontinue the bus service in the middle of the session one month's advance notice is to be given to the school. Else payment of bus fee will be charged in lieu thereof.

  1. If there is any mis-happening or accident, the school shall not be responsible.
  2. No reduction or allowance in bus fees is made for absence or for vacations. Fees once deposited will not be returned or refunded.
  3. If a student indulges in damaging the bus in anyway, he/she will be heavily fined and his/her name will be struck off the rolls.
  4. Students must reach the bus point on time and the parents are responsible to assure that their wards board the bus properly and pick up their wards in the afternoon from their pick-up point respectively.
  5. Students need not wait for the school bus for more than 15 minutes in case the bus is late. It is the responsibility of the parents to send their wards by their own conveyance in that case.